Turn your liability into an investment! Sustainable design improves the function and value of your landscape, and reduces long term costs.


Low-Maintenance Landscapes

Choosing plant species suitable for your yard conditions allows your garden to thrive and out-compete many weeds. While no garden is maintenance-free, our  aesthetic designs reduce costs over both short and long term.

Low-maintenance options include Naturalized Landscapes, Native and Wildflower Gardens, Eco-Lawns and Rock Gardens.


Water Management

Using your landscape to manage water effectively can reduce your risk of water damage, reduce water consumption and decrease pressure on municipal infrastructure.

We incorporate function and beauty into our landscapes using decorative swales, weeping gardens, rainwater harvesting and landscape grading.


Urban Farms and Ornamental Foodscapes

Turn your property into a productive and value-generating landscape! Whether you want a bit of organic produce for your family or a fully functioning urban farm, we’ll help you design your own little Garden of Eden. Find out more about our Organic Food Gardens.


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