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Whether you’re a business or individual, our goal is to provide local, organic produce at affordable prices.

Farmer’s Markets

Until the end of October, our produce is sold at four weekly Farmer’s Markets in Calgary, in Hillhurst, Bridgeland, Marda Loop and Sunnyside. Click Here for more information on our markets.


Food Baskets

Eden Project organizes several Food Baskets throughout the year. We are also part of YYC Growers, a network of urban farmers who provides a weekly food basket or CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).



We’re building direct relationships with local restaurants to provide local produce at competitive prices. Purchase a regular supply, use our overstock items for your feature menus, or produce your own food with the help of one of our urban farmers using our House Salad program.

We give garden tours and free samples of our produce to chefs and restaurant owners. Please Contact Us to make arrangements.


In Your Own Backyard

We can teach you to grow produce right in your own backyard, or we can all the work for you! You can’t get much more local than that! Check out our Organic Food Garden Services for more information.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions.