Our vision is to establish sustainable food supply networks in Calgary, beginning right in our own backyards.

Eden Project is a unique start-up social enterprise in Calgary, Alberta. By combining organic yard maintenance services with organic food production we are able to offer a unique, low-cost service that increases value for our customers.


Why Urban Agriculture?

Global food systems are changing due to various stressors, and food prices are climbing. We believe that urban agriculture and locally grown food will play an important role in future food supplies as our societies adapt to these changes. At Eden Project, we are proud to be among the pioneers establishing sustainable food for Calgary. What’s more, we’re excited to be making you a part of it too!



Eden Project is a pioneer social enterprise that aims to establish sustainable food networks in Calgary. In our first phase, we are combining organic yard maintenance services with organic food production and education to build local capacity and to support our customers in growing their own food at affordable costs. In coming years, we’ll be implementing initiatives to expand local production, extend crop seasons, develop indoor facilities and establish sustainable food trade with other regions.




Locally-focused economic development is one of our core business strategies. By reducing energy and transportation costs associated with our business activities, we are able to reduce our operating costs and pass on these savings to our customers.


Our goal is to provide 100% organic services and produce at prices that are competitive with conventional markets. We’re leveraging multiple opportunities to keep down the cost of food for our customers in the face of escalating global prices.


Everybody profits from sustainability! A local, affordable and sustainable food supply for Calgary will improve food security, reduce environmental impacts and promote local economic development for future generations. At Eden Project, we generate profits through wholly sustainable business development.


We believe that industry can be a collaborative process in which information is learned and shared through common efforts. We don’t believe that knowledge should be proprietary–no trade secrets here! In fact, we aim to provide our customers with access to the best urban agriculture education and resources in Calgary.


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