Eden Project is currently looking for new growing spaces for our Urban Farming projects. If you have unused space in your yard or garden, or if you know of vacant properties that would be ideal for growing, please let us know! 

We offer a variety of land-exchange agreements, depending on the goals of the landowner and the unique conditions of the property. We always determine a agreement that is mutually beneficial.

Yards, Gardens, and Residential Land

00AU2013 (3) (800x615)Front yards, backyards and existing gardens can be ideal spaces for urban farming. If you have ever considered transforming your space to more sustainable, productive use, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Vacant lot or other unused property

21AU2013 (25)Transforming vacant lots into urban farms can dramatically enhance the value of land that is otherwise sitting unused. Positive exposure, reduced maintenance cost, and a chance to support local food are a just a few of the benefits to landowners. If you know of vacant land in your neighbourhood, or if you own land that is temporarily vacant, please Contact Us with details!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at farm@edenproject.ca.