At Eden Project, we have adopted the following Food Policies to ensure sustainably-grown produce of the highest quality.


Eden Project’s priority is to provide healthy, nutritious food for all our customers. We grow all of our produce using 100% Organic Growing Methods, which guarantees the following practices on all its agricultural production lands:

1. No chemical pesticides, fertilizers, or preservatives are used during any stage of the growth or handling for any of our products

2. All farms undergo a basic Environmental Site Assessment prior to cultivation to ensure there are no hazards or harmful substances (including soil testing if required).

3. All property owners or managers are required to sign a legally-binding Affidavit to ensure that no harmful substances are used on the property.

4. All  property owners or managers are provided with education and recommendations to effectively manage the property without the use of harmful pesticides.

5. All farms are randomly inspected at least twice per year to verify that no harmful substances have been used.

 Please note that Eden Project occasionally sells produce grown by other farmers using conventional methods. While we are always working with our suppliers to eliminate pesticide use, any products not grown using organic methods will be clearly labelled.


At Eden Project, we recognize that local food promotes food security, benefits the local economy and makes better use of our land. Local food represents the future of agriculture, and is our best option for reducing our carbon and energy footprint. Our food policy aims to produce food as close as possible to where it is purchased and consumed.

Most of our produce is grown within Calgary city limits. We also network with rural farms in Southern Alberta and the Okanagan Valley in BC to expand our product diversity to include products such as potatoes, tomatoes, peaches, apples and berries. We’re always working to expand our networks to include greater variety, including more fruit and vegetable selection, meats, eggs and preserved foods, all of it produced as locally as possible to you!


All of our food policies are directed toward sustainable food networks for Calgary. In addition to the social benefits described above, organic and local food policies present our best option to reduce the dependency of food on fossil fuels and carbon intense agriculture, thus promoting a sustainable industry.

Eden Project also integrates sustainable energy and water management into our projects, developing new technologies and techniques to improve our productivity and reduce our resource use. We also promote a sustainable economy of food, including affordable prices for nutritious food and living wages for all our employees, farmers and partners.


If you have any questions about any of our Food Policies please Contact Us!