The Return of the Insects

We often mark the arrival of Spring with the return of the robins or the blooming of wild flowers, yet an equally thrilling and exciting moment is the emergence of insect life. I have seen my first fly of the year, buzzing majestically through my backyard, after of many months of hibernation. These and other insects are now beginning to emerge from their deep sleeps.

These delicate friends of ours, though small, provide crucial roles in the tapestry of life, pollinating flowers, aiding decomposition of plant matter, creating top soil, and providing food for the birds and the fish. Our human ancestors of the not-so-distant past celebrated the return of these friends with elaborate rituals. I do the same.

If a fly lands on my arm, as I sit in my backyard, I am grateful to know that our city ecosystem still supports such important creatures. Although they may be an annoyance at times, they are a telling sign of the life and energy that circulate through our ecosystem.


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